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Festive Dinner Table

Personal Chef Service  Catering Boutique and dining experience at home 


Cafe Catering Boutique

My service, is the personalization of every occasion, menu, and meal. We specialize in assisting busy families who aspire to savor well-prepared, homemade, healthy, and delectable cuisine. I specialize In Theme Menus for a different culinary experience. From Latin Inspired Menu, New American Cuisine, Venezuelan food, Tapas and Paellas, Mediterranean and more.  We take pride in utilizing seasonal and organic ingredients, ensuring the delivery of quality meals, whether it's for catering events or meal preparation services.

Tel: 703-728-7363  |  Email:

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Prep Meals & Family Meals

Weekly meals for individual or family meal style 

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Catering Boutique 

For a different dinning experience by setting a table, Create an ambiance and serve delicious food, perfect for small gathering event.

Takeaway Meals

Catering delivery 

Catering service for delivery it's perfect for any special occasion, birthday party, corporate events, bachelorette, brunch, wellness retreat or any other event.   

Meat Tacos

Theme Menus

A Sneak Peak of the
Mexican Love Menu

Empanadas - Tlayulas -Enfrijoladas

Street Corn Salad

Birria Tacos - Chicken Mole 

Choco Flan with rum 

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Absolutely loved it.
Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Emma Brown, NYC

Ready for a unique dinning experience 

Tel: 703 728-7363  |  Email:

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